Shalana Chavez

Correctional Officer at Arizona Department of Corrections

Work category

Shalana Chavez's Professional Experience

2000 - 2011

Arizona Department of Corrections - Correctional Officer

 Care, custody, control and treatment of person committed by the courts
 Provide for the safety and welfare of the public, staff, and inmates
 Conduct security and safety checks of locks, doors, perimeters and fire safety equipment
 Communicate effectively and professionally with the public, staff, supervisors and inmates
 Prepare reports, maintain files, and effectively use computers with Microsoft word, excel, adobe pdf files and outlook express
 Supervise inmate work, visitation, recreation and other daily activities
 Defuse and control disruptive behavior by appropriate verbal orders and/or appropriate use of physical force when immediately necessary
 Maintain a budget and inventory of supplies including submitting purchase request, processing and distributing orders
 Processed, tracked and logged all mail and property for staff and inmates entering and exiting the institution