Serena Fritsch - Experienced Software Engineer with a strong research background and a general interest in data science

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I have 1.5 years of software development experience on major scale consumer web technologies, and 5 years of R&D experience on programming models and dynamic adaptation techniques for distributed, embedded software. My technical skills are in the area of embedded and distributed systems. I have strong analytical skills, and an ability to understand, derive, and implement algorithms and system architectures. I am foremost a team player, but also able to investigate problems independently and to work under time and budget constraints.
I am a highly motivated, hard working and fast learning individual.

Serena Fritsch's Professional Experience

2011 - Present

Britebill - Software Engineer

Currently working as a software engineer for britebill, one of the market leaders in the provision of digital mailbox solutions and direct biller bill presentation.
• Developing core product features of a digital mail presentment platform, such as personalised recommendations for web and print
• Developing client-based solutions of the product based on client requirements.
• Responsible for the improvement and extension of Britebill’s mobile application.
• Responsible for design and implementation of Britebill’s REST API

2010 - 2011

Distributed Systems Group, Trinity College Dublin - Post-Doctoral Research Assistant

• Undertaking research on programming models and dynamic reconfiguration of embedded software applied to adaptable software services in domains such as smart cities. In particular, design and implementation of software reconfiguration models and programming models targeted at embedded software. Evaluation of these models on real embedded system platform, Java SunSpots.

•Tutor for the Programming Support Center, a drop-in center for all students of the university. Helping students with any queries related to theoretical or practical aspects of programming, in particular C++/C, Java.

Key Skills
analytical skills embedded Java programming Research and Development teaching
2005 - 2010

Distributed Systems Group, Trinity College, Dublin - Doctoral Research Assistant

• Designed and implemented two software reconfiguration algorithms that allow the dynamic change of embedded software in real-time and that react to incoming events with time bounds during reconfiguration. The algorithms were deployed and evaluated on an embedded system platform, Java SUN SPOTS.
Able to work efficiently and autonomously.

• Designed and implemented a component-based programming model for embedded software that allows the dynamic change of software at runtime. Implementation of the component model was realised in Java targeting Sun SPOTS, using Java CLDC, as well as C++, using Boost Libraries.

• Designed and implemented a distributed system, prototype driver information system using the open-source CORBA Component Model CIAO. Proven ability to work with complex software architectures.

• Designed and implemented a domain-specific language that specifies adaptation, using ANTLR Parser Generator and Java.

• Student Demonstrator for undergraduate and master students in the following courses Telecommunications, Software Engineering, and Programming Techniques.

Key Skills
C++ Corba data analysis J2EE J2SE LaTex Microsoft Office
2005 - 2005

German University, Cairo - Teaching Assistant

Teaching assistant for Java Programming, Computer Science for Engineers and Computer Science for Biologists. This included all aspects of teaching, including the creation and marking of assignments and exams and teaching the theoretical foundations in classes as well as practical assignments in labs.

Key Skills
engineers Java programming

Serena Fritsch's Education and Qualifications


PhD/Doctorate - Ph.D. in Computer Science

University of Dublin, Trinity College, Dublin

2008 Postgraduate Continuation Award


Masters/PostGrad - Computer Science

Universitaet Stuttgart

Dissertation: “Extension of an adaptive and interactive system for the analysis of data management algorithms in mobile ad hoc networks”
Specialisation: distributed systems, database management systems, and compilers
Minor subject: Biology