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1998 - Present

Sean Maloney Design - Graphic Designer

Sean is based just north of Dublin, Ireland where he produces work for clients world wide. Projects for clients that are located in the far reaches of the great Pacific Northwest of the States to the cities of Australia. Package designs have been converted into mutliple languages for sales in Europe, into Arabic for the Middle East. Logos have been designed for start-ups, print collateral for the likes of AT&T Wireless, Guinness, the State of Washington and Irish Tourist Board. Billboards for Budweiser. He’s prepared pre-press in Vancouver, middle of the night press checks in Los Angeles, Dublin, Cleveland, Seattle, Portland, Spokane, Billings and Coeur d’Alene. Award winning print ads have been designed for a chain of grocery stores along with a one-off Cosmopolitan magazine piece for designer John Rocca. There have been photo shoots art directed over the phone in Miami, Chicago and Time Square. He has experienced the stringent demands of designing and producing annual reports for a couple banks. And throw in a little philanthropic work near the river Boyne to round things out.

All those efforts come back to one thing. At the core Sean is a designer that is focused on the value of creating a strong brand image. An image that has a sense of purpose, that makes a positive impact. His experience has taught him that ideas can come from anywhere, that the creative process can be winding, often magical, sometimes difficult and that a hard days work may take all night long. As he sees it, with each project, the execution of a unique idea is an opportunity to introduce something new to the world.

Sean Maloney's Education and Qualifications


Bachelor/Degree - Advertising Design

Spokane Falls Community College, Eastern Washington University

Hired by an Ad Agency prior to leaving school.