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Scott Kinnear serves as cofounder and Chairman of Myxer Inc., a social media company that inhabits the mobile platform sphere. With revenues of $10 million, Scott Kinnear’s company attracts approximately 10 million unique visitors to its website on a monthly basis. The site offers a diverse selection of radio and MP3 content, videos, apps, and wallpapers. Users can easily upload their own music and image files, creating customized ringtones and wallpapers for mobile devices.

Mr. Kinnear completed his Bachelor’s in Mathematical Sciences at The Ohio State University, in Columbus. He began his career as a Senior Programmer with IBM Corp., working on many and varied programs related to the IBM personal computer. In 1989, he accepted the entrepreneurial opportunity to join Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based Citrix Systems, Inc., as a founding team member.

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Bachelor/Degree - Mathematical Sciences

The Ohio State University

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