Scott Dylan - Entrepreneur, Investor, Non-Executive Director, SEO and Social Media Specialist & Digital Strategist

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I'm an Entrepreneur, Investor, Non Executive Director, and Digital Strategist. I currently invest and work in various industries, including Media, Creatives and Technology. Currently i'm located between both London and Dublin.

** Founder of a Top 100 Agency **


I've owned, and been involved in many companies over the last decade, allowing me to build up a wealth of knowledge and experience. I'm always looking for new projects and opportunities to get involved in.


I'm looking for new opportunities in both the UK and Ireland to potentially invest in. If you have a project and are looking for seed investment for then please get in touch. I'm primarily looking for Early Stage, B2C, Digital, Marketing, Advertising, Creative and Internet businesses.

Im also particularly interested in acquiring digital agencies across different sectors and territories, both large and small.

Non Executive Director

I've owned and been involved as a member of the board with many companies over the last decade which has led me to build up a wealth of knowledge and experience.

I'm extremely passionate about helping businesses to achieve success, which has led me to embark on a career as an Independent Non Executive Director with a particular interest in working with Internet Businesses, Start-ups and businesses operating in the Media and Creative Industries.

If you are looking for an Independent Non-Executive Director to join your company please do get in touch.

** I can be reached via email: **

Specialties: Investments, Non Executive Director, Marketing, Advertising, Public Relationship, Branding and Identity, Software Development, Web Development, Graphic Design, Business Management, Web Development, SEO, Social Media, Advertising, Digital Strategy

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