Scott  Akam - Experienced in sales (Retail, B2B, field sales, sales management, surpervisory management)

Sales and Business Development at Klevaco LTD



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Scott Akam's Professional Experience

2011 - Present

Klevaco LTD - Sales and Business Development

Temporary Job selling B2B and some B2C Air Conditioning and CCTV systems.
Also winding down an ebay shop.
Have never been unemployed

2004 - Present

Anything goes 2you ebay shop - Owner/buyer/sales

Retail online sales via ebay featured shop, video gaming, designer clothing, electronics etc.

Key Skills
designer electronics Marketing and sales descriptions retail
2009 - 2009

Teens On Tour - Teacher

As an example of who I am, my English and communications skills, I’ll tell you a short story….. At 10pm one night, a little over 2 years ago, my girlfriend (A TEFL teacher) said, “We’re short of a teacher tomorrow, I’ve said you can teach and will step in”. I had never taught before, or even considered it, however, I started the next morning at 9am and taught English to various classes of German teenagers 9am-1pm for the whole summer. I was assessed on my 2nd day in class by the organizers and they asked me to stay on.

Key Skills
1998 - 2006

Happy Chef - Owner/chef/promoter/sales/recruitment/licensee

Licensed Restaurant, all tasks not already in my skill set were soon learned!

Key Skills
Chef licensee recruitment
2000 - 2005

Game Empire - Owner Accounts Sales Purchasing Stock Control Manager

Video Game and computer shop, Sovereign Centre Bournemouth

Key Skills
Accounts Manager Purchasing sales Stock Control

Scott Akam's Education and Qualifications


Bachelor/Degree - Management & Supervisory Management

Poole College

Poole College 1994/5 NEBSM (National Examination Board of Supervisory Management) NVQ3
1995/6 CMS (Certificate in Management Studies) NVQ4
Christchurch Grammar School 1969-1974 (Now Highcliffe Comp)
7 ‘O’ levels

Scott Akam's Additional Information


My 2 Great Danes, supporting Kabanna charity, new and latest technology and practices, acquiring knowledge, reading non-fiction, watching and writing comedy. NLP


NEBSM (National Examining Board of Supervisory Management)
CMS (eCertificate in Management Studies)
NLC (National Licensee Certificate)