Schubert Agnes - Costumer service agent

Costumer service agent at Blackjack, Heathrow Airport, London



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Travel and Tourism



I lived and worked for a long term in Austria, Germany, Italy and Turkey. I organised freetime programs, did airport transfers by bus, sold excursions, rafting tours and showed the rooms for V.I.P. guests and the club within a tour.
Five years ago I started to work on cruiseships, first in he Mediterranian Sea mostly with american and partly with southamerican guests. We had lecturers from universities, like Harvard, Stanford, Yale, 7,10,14 days cruises focused on different subjects.
To be continued I worked only in riverships, in Holland, Belgium, Germany, Austria and Hungary. I had different positions: receptionist, night audit, hotel assistant. The guests were international: German, Austrian, Swiss, American, English, Australian and Russian.

Since November 2007 I used to live in London, work at the Heathrow Airport, in customer services, helping passengers, guiding passengers and working closely with my team to ensure consistent customer service.

Schubert Agnes's Professional Experience

2007 - 2009

Blackjack, Heathrow Airport, London - Costumer service agent

Assisting pax before taking their flights,check boarding passes for exclusive flyers and premium pax,assist at check-in on behalf of airline clients,provide pax with critical infos,regarding their departure terminals, times etc.,escorting pax to their gates,help overseas pax with their flight connections,a translator for non english speaking passengers.

Schubert Agnes's Education and Qualifications


Bachelor/Degree - German faculty

Miskolci Egyetem

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Travel, cinema, photography, books, thermal bathes.