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Saud Alsharif is highly involved as a student, an activist, a volunteer, and a resident in his community in Boston, Massachusetts. He studies Business Administration at Suffolk University, a private college in downtown Boston, and expects to graduate with his Bachelor of Science in December 2012. Saud Alsharif hopes to use his degree to become a social entrepreneur and create business opportunities that will make a difference around the world. He belongs to the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization, a nonprofit that seeks to inform and inspire business students across the world. As a member, Alsharif benefits from an expansive network of like-minded individuals.

Aside from his studies, Saud Alsharif enjoys spending time in his community, getting to know the many nuances of Boston. He likes to explore new restaurants and shops and is always interested in the business initiatives of Boston students. He also stays active in the outdoors, playing soccer and other public sports at local gyms and parks.

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2008 - 2012
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business administration entrepreneurship

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Bachelor/Degree - Entrepreneurship

Suffolk University

Studying Entrepreneurship/Business Administration at Suffolk University in Boston. Graduating this year with a BS in Entrepreneurship, Member of the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization as a continuing part of his growing entrepreneurial education.

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Traveling, Exercising, Soccer, Current events. Recently, I have become determined to be more physically fit. As a result of this, I have seriously started weight training and watching my nutrition. I use soccer to help break the monotony of the gym, and I generally enjoy playing because of the competitiveness of the sport. Another of my hobbies is traveling; having the ability to experience the world has widely opened my eyes, and has helped develop my love of current events. Running, traveling, and soccer. Enjoys exploring his community and experiencing new restaurants, local stores, and businesses. Participates in soccer and other public sporting events at local parks and gyms. Competes in local races for charitable events, such as Race for Research, the Boston River Run.


True charity is a selfless act done from the compassion of your heart. When I see a need and can meet it even in some small way, not worrying about the consequences or who will see me (or won't), I'm giving of my heart because I care about the general human condition. Volunteers at Feed the Need, a canned food organization for the homeless that also hold run/walk events, which he has competed in and donated to. Volunteers at Social Capital Inc., an organization that connects diverse individuals and organizations through civic engagement initiatives. Volunteers at Good Sports Inc, helping to distribute sporting goods and equipment to children and other organizations in Boston.