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Stock Controller at Stocktaking Services



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Sara Attridge's Professional Experience

2011 - Present

Stocktaking Services - Stock Controller

While in 6th year I worked Part time for Stocktaking Services as part of a team calling to retail units in the Munster region and using handhelds and stock cards to count the stock in-store
In June 2010 I completed transition year, and for my work experience I got the opportunity to work with children in Brooklodge Preschool, Glanmire. I spent my time interacting with the children and playing games with them, I joined in with the teachers in organising schedules for the day and when I had done my days work, I cleaned up and helped the teachers.

Both of these thought me about working with people, people skills and my interpersonal skills

Sara Attridge's Education and Qualifications

Second Level -

Junior Certificate
English - H - C
Maths - H - C
Irish - H - C
French - H - B
Business - O - A
Home Economics - H - C
Science - H - B
History - H - D

Geography H B

Leaving Certificate
English - O - A2
Irish - H - C2
Maths - O - B3
French - H - C3
Business - H - B3
Geography - H - B1
Biology - H - D1

Good interpersonal skills
Teamwork skills - Mini Company (Transition Year)
First Aid
ECDL Course
Sports achievements within my school