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Worked over more than 4 years in IT Industries(SUNMicrosystems , Hewlett Packard)

Worked with SUN Microsystems INDIA PVT ltd for 1.5 years in Cloud Computing team as Member of Technical staff with job role of Test case design, identification, development, Test
Framework involving Functional testing,System testing, High Availability testing,Failover Testing. Managed team of 6 engineers.

Worked 2+ years of experience in software industry with Hewlett Packard UNIX platform Product certification, Testing,quality assurance, Validation .

Santhosh Injineri's Professional Experience

2010 - Present

Techn. University of Kaiserslautern / TU - Student (MS in Embedded Systems)

I am pursuing MS in Embedded Computing @ University Of Kaiserslautern, Germany...I joined the course in March-2010 (Summer Intake) and I will be completing my course in March-2012..

Major Subjects of study involves

1. Digital Systems Verification/Design.
2. Safety and Reliability of Embedded Systems.
3. Synthesis and Optimization of Microelectronics.
4. Architecture of Digital Systems.
5. Microelectronic Circuit and System Design.
6. Automotive Software Engineering ( Model Based Development)
7. Real Time Systems
8. Operating Systems
9. Bus Systems.

Key Skills
architecture embedded engineering Operating Systems Software Engineering System Design
2010 - Present

University Of Kaiserslautern - Research Assistant

working as student assistant in University of Kaiserslautern , Microelectronics Systems Research Group.
Virtual Prototyping Using Synopsys tools.
Scheduling algorithms and Resource allocation algorithm for Avionics systems.
EssaRel(Embedded Systems Safety and Reliability Analyser) tool development with SEFT(state event fault tree)

2011 - 2011

Techn. University of Kaiserslautern / TU - Research Assistant

Working on EsaaRel Project ( my tasks involves designing tool for FTA(Fault Tree Analysis)
1. Component fault trees (CFT).
2. State/event fault trees (SEFT).
Using EMF Ecore models. and GMF modeling for palette , editor creation. Java code for the fault tree Analysis and SEFT analysis..

Key Skills
2011 - 2011

Techn. University of Kaiserslautern / TU - Research Assistant

Working on analyzing the power consumption of CPU using ARM 7TDMI. Helping the PhD student in his research topics such as Resource Management, Scheduling Algorithms(Real-Time).P

Programming : C , C++

Key Skills
programming Resource Management
2008 - 2010

Sun Microsystems - Member of Technical staff

Worked in Cloud Computing QE team.
o Developed TEST FRAMEWORK for our team (of 9) using SHELL Scripting.
o TEST COVERAGE Analysis (cobertura).
o Involved in Functionality,System Testing, MAJOR Failover/Failure tests.
o Test case development, Test case Automation, Identifying the Liveness tests.

Key Skills
automation Scripting Shell Scripting System testing
2008 - 2010

SUN Microsystems India - member of Technical Staff

1. API Develepoment for Cloud Storage offerings and TestFramework development for
SUN Cloud QE team

I was single handed designed and developed the whole test Framework for the QE team in Cloud Service and was appreciated by the other teams also. This involved in comping up with the automated test Framework for QE team.

2. Testing of Storage offerings by Cloud Services

My role was to perform the Functional testing of Storage Offering like Creation of Volume/Snapshot /Clone . And test the WebDAV offering for upload of files/folders using different clients.
High Availability testing – Make sure that User data is available at all the times for the user Failover testing and System testing Involved in integration of different modules and testing the
product as whole. Test coverage for the whole Storage offering testing. Testing for Amazon compatibility.

Key Skills
API development C++ PROGRAMMING Shell Programming Testframework , testsetup
2006 - 2008

Hewlett-Packard - Software Engineer

Have worked on HP-UX PA and IPF Enterprise Servers
o Manual testing of products which are ported onto HP-UX.
o Automation of test cases using shell/expect scripting.
· Porting experience: Porting OpenSource applications on to HP-UX.
· Testing / Certification of Metrocluster EVA Product.(High Availability product)

Worked on HIDS (Host based Intrusion detection system) project for developing plugins.

Key Skills
automation Scripting
2006 - 2008

Hewlett Packard India Software Operatins - Software Engineer/Team Lead

1. Automated Infrastructure development for Metrocluster CA EVA product.
Adding new feature to MetroCluster Product , Designing and developing test infrastructure
and testing tool for new feature added and integrating with an existing automation test suite.
Since there are test suites available for mass storage but no similar test suite for HP’s Metrocluster product, my responsibilities was to design/develop and integrate the test infrastructure for HP’s Metrocluster product along with automating test cases. The test automation and integration could reduce manual testing upto 70%.
My role was to certify newly introduced Firmware and other supported software. This effort involved ring setup, feature certification and defect filing and tracking.

Key Skills
C++ PROGRAMMING Cluster High perfomance Computing Porting Shell Programming Test Coverage Unix
2005 - 2006

CodeTheatre - Associate Software Engineer

Worked on following 2 projects.

1. 3DES tool kit development: The DES (Data Encryption Standard) algorithm is the most widely used encryption algorithm in the world. My role was coding in C, Testing, creating a user guide (Reference).

2. RIS Compliant Parking Meter : This is an Electronics Transit Fare Payment system, which will support both contact based and contact less smart card. The aim of this project is to make all parking & garage meter in a region as RIS (Regional Interoperabilities standard) Complaint. RIS is the standard, which is developed by the PANYNJ (Port authority of New York and New Jersey). Older/Existing system is agency dependent, which means we need to take smart card of same agency of which reader we use. New RIS complaint parking meter supports all agencies card.

Key Skills
data electronics

Santhosh Injineri's Education and Qualifications


Masters/PostGrad - Embedded Computing Systems

Technische Universität Kaiserslautern

I am Santhosh Injineri from India, pursuing my masters in Electrical and Computer engineering at Technical University of Kaiserslautern, Germany with Embedded Computing Systems as my major.

Course Reference : CR590 - Electronic Systems Engineering

Bachelor/Degree - Electronics and Communication

Sapthagiri College of Engineering , Bangalore

Received award for getting distinction ( 75% and above ) in all semesters during B.E

Course Reference : DT008 - Electronics and Communications Engineering

Bachelor/Degree - BE, Electronics and Communication Engineering

Visvesvaraya Technological University

Bachelor/Degree - MS, Embedded Computing

Technische Universität Kaiserslautern

Santhosh Injineri's Additional Information


System On Chip , Network On Chip, Multi-core systems,High level Synthesis,Device Driver Programming, Python, Mode Driven Development, Automotive Software Development, Eclipse Plugin, RCP, Algorithm Engineering(Telecom,Neural Networks)