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Texas de Brazil, one of the top Brazilian steakhouses in the United States, is the brainchild of industrialist Mr. Salah Izzedin, who founded the Texas de Brazil Corporation in 1998. While still keeping the restaurant’s operation within the family, Salah Izzedin has expanded beyond its initial location in Addison, Texas to include 14 major cities around the United States, as well as one international location in Aruba. Texas de Brazil is known for its wide selection of meats grilled in the traditional Brazilian style, as well as its world class drink, dessert, and salad choices.

Salah Izzedin holds a Master of Business Administration from the Columbia University Graduate School of Business. After receiving his graduate degree, Salah Izzedin joined forces with two associates to form the Latina Oil Corporation and later assumed a position as the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Oceanic Oil Company with interests in the North, Central, and South American markets, as well as the European market.

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Masters/PostGrad - MBA - Business

Columbia University Graduate School of Business

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