Ruslan Nychkaliuk - Analyst Programmer at Accenture

Analyst Programmer at Accenture



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IT and Technology



Ruslan Nychkaliuk's Professional Experience

2010 - Present

Accenture - Analyst Programmer

- Works on C for a big project related with 3G.
- Designs and implements graph chart library on C for different statistic information;
- Develops new features on TCL/TK for web part of the project.
Environment: Eclipse, Code Blocks, Linux Ubuntu, Free Bsd.

Key Skills
2009 - 2010

Serena Software - Software Engineer

- Works on C and C++ for Dimensions CM project. Dimensions CM is a cross platform project which presents Configuration Management Tool;
- Works on Java for java part of Dimensions CM project;
- Works with SSL, SSO and LDAP;
- Designs new classes and implements new functionality using Design Patterns for Dimensions CM project;
- Maintains existing source code and fixies customer’s defects for Dimensions CM project;
- Tests customer’s defects and automates them for Dimensions CM project.
Environment: MS VC++2005/8, Java, MFC, STL, WIN32 API, Multithreading, OOA/D, OOP, UML, SSO, SSL, WinRunner, AXE.

Key Skills
Configuration management Java LDAP Multithreading OOA/D OOP STL UML VC++ Win32
2008 - 2009

Freelancer - Software Developer

- Developed System Reports for telephone billing system;
- Created design for the System Report;
- Formulated framework for System Report according to design;
- Made analysis logic engine for scoring and analyzing phone calls;
- Composed general reports to acquire data from analysis logic engine;
- Created preview and printed the reports;
- Devised convertors engine which supports following formats: CSV, PDF, HTML, XLS, RTF.
Environment: MS VC++2005, MFC, STL, WIN32 API, HTML, Multithreading, OOA/D, OOP, UML.

Key Skills
Billing data HTML Multithreading OOA/D OOP Reports STL UML VC++ Win32
2007 - 2008

Materialise - Professiona Developer C++

- Involved in 3-matic project. 3-matic is a CAD system;
- Designed new CAD modules for 3-matic projects;
- Designed new classes and implemented new functionality using Design Patterns for 3-matic project;
- Maintained existing source code and fixed defects for 3-matic project.
Environment: MS VC++2005, MFC, STL, WIN32 API, Open GL, Multithreading, OOA/D, OOP, UML, SVN.

Key Skills
CAD Multithreading OOA/D OOP STL SVN UML VC++ Win32
2006 - 2007

Novator Ltd - Lead Developer C++

- Developed and designed CastModule project. CastModule is based on API of SolidWorks 2005 and Pro/Engineer CAD systems. CastModule automate processes in metallurgy branch;
- Managed team of five people;
- Fixed customer’s defects and maintained source code.
Environment: МS VC++6.0/2003, MFC, WIN32 API, COM, STL.

Key Skills
API CAD Engineer Solidworks STL VC++ Win32

Ruslan Nychkaliuk's Education and Qualifications


Bachelor/Degree - Diploma, Electronic Appliance and Devices

Vinnic'kij Nacional'nij Tehnicnij Universitet

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