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Designer. Front-end developer. Music nerd. I work at @engineyard, collect garage/psych vinyl and co-parent a ginger cat.

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2009 - Present
Key Skills
css CSS3 HTML html5 IA jQuery JS photoshop Responsive Design UX Design web design
2006 - 2009 - Web Designer

As a web designer for, I worked with a broad range of clients on a daily basis; designing, building, updating and maintaining the site as a member of the studio team.

Tasks ranged from error fixing to the design and build of new sections on the site (features and zones), and regular jobs such as email graphics and monthly updates.

This work mostly involved working with the Adobe CS3 suite and the CMS, utilising HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Illustator and occassionally Flash.

Key Skills
Adobe CS3 cms CS3 css designer HTML photoshop web design Web designer
2005 - 2005 - Work Experience

As part of my DCU Intra placement, I spent 6 months working for, after which I was offered more work.

I worked for the company for an additional 4 months, and upon my return to college for final year, i remained as a part-time contractor until March 2006 when thesis work required my full focus.

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Bachelor/Degree - Bsc, Multimedia

Dublin City University

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Web and mobile technology, illustration and design, social media and networking, animation, music (listening, playing, attending), music technology, puzzles and understanding 'how things work'.