Rob Maille  Acton -  Rob Maille - CEO and Board Chair in Acton, Massachusetts

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As the creative driver of Makibie, a product strategy company, Rob Maille of Acton, Massachusetts, has helped big businesses strengthen their hold on markets and assisted startups in disrupting their markets with new, exciting ideas. His company, located in Nashua, New Hampshire, uses the numerous skills of its core team of creative thinkers to conceptualize groundbreaking products and solutions according to the guidelines of its six pillars: purpose, clients, identity, competition, business, and solution. Since he founded the company a decade ago, Rob Maille has led it to great success in the product strategy and user experience strategy fields. He has served as the mentor to the senior business students at the Paul Business School at the University of New Hampshire, and the company has traveled far afield from Acton, opening a second office in Paris, France.
Mr. Maille also serves with other organizations in various leadership roles. He works with Girls, Inc.

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