sales assistant and customer services representative



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i am a self-motivated individaul who can work under any circumstance. i have an excellent communication skills and can speak multiple languages. i have a sense of working in a team and have the leadership quality. i've worked with professionals and have been able to make a good interpersonal relationship with them. i also have worked in a Children's organisation as a volunteer. therefore, i can say that i can work to my best and contibute to company to make its higest productivity.

ROBIN ALE's Professional Experience

2008 - 2009

sales assistant and customer services representative

i worked in a telemarketing company as a consumer service representative. my role was to make as much sales as possible and i have been able to do that to my level best during my stay in the company. one of my responsiblitied was to inform my prospect each and every requirement of our service.
My duty was to be punctual, disciplined and productive to the company.

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