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. I have a proven track record in team leading, man management and communicating with individuals through to groups in conducting meetings that achieve results. As an individual I am very confident that I possess practical hands-on experience having been involved in heavy construction for the last twenty years and have recent offshore experience. My skill base although not limited to includes, Rigging and Lifting, Banksman/Slinger Confined Space, Rope Access, Tension and side Netting, Suspended Deck Rigging, Drops Inspection, Fabric Maintenance, Blasting / Painting, Fireproofing and Geotechnical work including rock stabilization and industrial cleaning. I have experience in writing permit to works and conducting toolbox talks and have years of experience in project planning and managing. I demonstrate a strong ability to analyse problems and seek solutions. My personal life also revolves round mountaineering and climbing which desires a cool head in stressful situations and difficult weather conditions. I have extensive history of working at height with the use of Fall Arrest systems. I am a strong believer in following proper protocol, thinking strategically and being methodical in planning and performing tasks and have an eagerness and capacity to learn new skills.

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