RJM Acquisitions LLC - RJM Acquisitions LLC purchases distressed consumer debt from financial institutions, catalog companies, banks, and book clubs,

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Accounting and Finance

RJM Acquisitions LLC, founded in 1996, is a major consumer debt purchaser based in Syosset, New York. RJM Acquisitions LLC buys delinquent debt owed to institutions such as banks, media clubs, or catalog companies, and works to collect it from the consumer. Dedicated to a fair and respectful approach to debt collection, RJM Acquisitions LLC contacts its customers primarily through the mail, and offers a variety of practical payment programs. RJM Acquisitions LLC takes pride in its caring and professional customer service representatives, who work diligently to solve customers’ problems and attain results. RJM Acquisitions LLC understands the stress and difficulties that debt can bring, and works with the customers to create debt resolution programs that work with their circumstances, allowing them to pay their debt.

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