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passenger service agent at celebi nas airport services india pvt ltd



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Travel and Tourism



A result oriented customer service agent with 3 years of experiencing in working with vfs global pvt ltd and bombay international airport.A highly motivated individual with excellent communication skill,strong interpersonal skill, worked under pressure, flexible & comfortable in decision making,good managing skill responsible for providing excellent customer service in all aspect as a representative of my company and have ability to profile people by their looks,gesture and posture.

Rizwan Shaikh's Professional Experience

2013 - Present

celebi nas airport services india pvt ltd - passenger service agent

working at the bombay international airport representing thai airways international an airline from bangkok working as p passenger service agent means always under pressuredealing with grumppy and arrogantand agressive passenger sometimes abusive.Managing all the passenger verifying their passport visas,checking them in for flight,looking after their baggage,handling them baording pass,to make sure they have safely and securly cleared immigration and security.THEY MOST IMPORTANT THING IS TO PROFILE THE PASSENGER BY HIS LOOKS GESTURE AND POSTURE.Departure include of all these works.ARRIVALS-Meeting they flight announcing for passenger,make certain their baggage have raeched properly in good condition if not we have to fill case singed by indian custom.working in night shift under pressure some time more than normal shift hours.these all my work include at bombay intl airport and in this company

Key Skills
comfortable decission maker excellent communication skill flexible under pressure good interpersonal skill good managing skill
2012 - 2012

vfs global pvt ltd - visa officer

Worked as a visa officer for australian consulate for 1 year analysing and accepting the application for candidates applying for australia at front desk.dealing with customer,informing them about the process,verifying the documents,putting it in system,dealing with agents who comes to represent someone forwarding all the details to embassy these all my work include as a visa officer in vfs global pvt ltd.

Key Skills
adaptable excellent communication skill good interpersonal skill good negotiator

Rizwan Shaikh's Education and Qualifications



MMYV University

currently studing in my last year of BACHLEOR DEGREE from mmyv university 2011-14


Diploma - Diploma in Avation,Hospitality and Travel management

frankfinn institue of air hostess training mumbai

Done Diploma in Avation,Hospitality and Travel management in the year 2011-12.where I have absorb core knowledge of all three industry every bit of avation,hospitality and travel management. scored 85/100 in my travel exam where the passing in 75.Have immence knowledge about customer service and travel industry.have immence knowledge about travel,avation and the most important thing to work in customer service GROOMING.done a course in grooming where I have been thaught the professional grooming which is required for facing the glamour of avation and hospatility.


second level/high school education -

Rizvi college of arts,science and commerce

Completed my high school from rizvi college of arts,science and commerce in the year 2010-11


second level/high school education -


completed my secondary level of school in air india modern school mumbai in they year 2008-09.

Rizwan Shaikh's Additional Information



Meeting new people,travel,listning music,avation industry,swimming