Remon Samuel - Experienced Hotel Reservations

Assistant Reservations Manager at Grand Hyatt Cairo Hotel , Egypt



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Hotel and Catering



Remon Samuel's Reservations Spervisor role at INTERCONTINENTAL & HOLIDAY INN CITYSTARS (2006 - 2008)

Job Summary : Ensure professional, prompt and informed customer. It is also to ensure the smooth running of the Reservation Sales Department and to ensure the Reservations Sales Team are kept abreast of all information that will affect our sales capabilities. Quality controls and standards are ensured and maintained at all times. Deals with all correspondence
and confirmations with regards to reservations.
Job Description :
1. Supervise the daily operation of the Reservation Sales Clerks.
2. Ensure high standards of service levels providing quality control checks on reservation.
3. Ensure Reservations Sales Clerks are competent in all aspects of Herman and provide feedback to Trainer/Supervisors if more training required.
4. Ensure all hotel information is available, current and is sales-oriented in all reservation systems.
5. Handle problems and queries from all accounts, hotels and sales personnel.
6. Monitor all extra tasks and ensure they are all completed in a timely fashion.
7. Brief Reservation Sales Clerks on upcoming issues and maintain briefing on a daily basis.
8. Liaise with Commercial and Relationship Marketing Department and Leisure Marketing Department on the smooth handling of Corporate/Leisure and Pacific Privilege/Priority Club promotions ensuring all staff are briefed prior to a promotion launch.
9. Liaise with Priority Club and Guest Relations Consultants on any issues/workload and provide support where necessary.
10. Ensure the Director of Yield and Revenue Management is advised of any problems/issues affecting the performance of the hotel.
11. Handle any necessary correspondence as relates to the Reservation Sales Department.


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