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Assistant Reservations Manager at Grand Hyatt Cairo Hotel , Egypt



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Hotel and Catering



Remon Samuel's Reservations Agent role at Sheraton Soma Bay Resort (2003 - 2004)

Job Description :
1. Processes all room reservations whether booked individually or on a Group basis.
2. Maintains up to date room availability information and liaises closely with the Reservation Supervisor.
3. Deals with all correspondence and confirmations with regard to reservations.
4. Processes reservations by mail, telephone and fax.
5. Processes reservations from Central Reservations Office, and travel agent reservations.
6. Processes cancellations, revisions, and information updated of changes, Responsible for correct completion of records and reports.
7. Reconfirms block bookings, ensures that correct rooming lists are received, checks arrival times, rates and all other information on group bookings.
8. Ensure that customer relations are kept at a high standard and that any complaints are dealt with in a satisfactory manner and reported to the Duty Front Office Manager. And the Yield &Revenue Management director.

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