Remon Samuel - Experienced Hotel Reservations

Assistant Reservations Manager at Grand Hyatt Cairo Hotel , Egypt



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Hotel and Catering



Remon Samuel's Guest Service Agent, Guest Service Center role at Sheraton Heliopolis Tower & Casino (1999 - 2001)

Job Description :
1. Answers all calls within 3 rings, using the guest surname at least three times throughout conversation.
2. Inputs all guest, Engineering, Housekeeping, etc. requests promptly and accurately into Smart Butler System ! rapid response system.
3. Monitors all calls that are on queue and answers appropriately.
4. Coordinates and assigns by dispatching work orders to the appropriate department and staff and ensures the assigned work orders are completed in accepted standard time and by priority.
5. Notifies guests or internal staff of any delays in performing work orders in accepted standard time and calls back guests to ensure guest satisfaction within accepted time frame.
6. Knows how to handle the Housekeeping requests and deliveries.
7. Knows the basics about what guests might request regarding Engineering requirements.
8. Handles guest calls for the pick-up and delivery of laundry, pressing, mending and dry-cleaning.
9. Knows restaurants operating hours and specials / promotions within the operation as well as catering space requirements and locations.
10. Knows how to handle guests’ complaints and reports / logs them for senior management.
11. Completes the beginning and ending shift duties that include turnover shift report, outstanding jobs not completed in Smart Butler System ! and any other daily, weekly and monthly reports required by senior management.


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