Ray Flynn - Chef at The Cornstore Restaurant

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Hotel and Catering



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I always try to set the bar as high as i can, but am not afraid to learn, i look for the qualities around me within my team, and play with the qualities at my disposal.
I've been lucky in my career to have a good eye for right from wrong, be it from chefs to food, I've been lucky to have been trained by good chefs, and was thought by old school, and chefs with flare and charisma, i think this comes out in my personality and ability to run the kitchen i work in.

Ray Flynn's Education and Qualifications


Bachelor/Degree - passed, english, irish, maths, geograpy, history, technacial drawing, woodwork

CBS Sexton Street, Limerick

My education was key to my success as I always revert back to my past and what I had learned from time keeping, menu planning, haccp ext... It is the foundation I could build on

Bachelor/Degree - ,

St Pauls Primary School

Bachelor/Degree - ,

CBS Secondary School

Bachelor/Degree - ,

LIT Collage Limerick