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Ray Cocker's electrician role at Gwibs 24/7 (2007 - Present)

The installation of technical electrical services, predominately in commercial and business sector property.
Project installation services from the initial concept to completion (major customers included flag ship retailers and business networking for Regus, Morrison's and Boots)
Installing wireless internet facilities, UPS and backup systems
Interpretation of technical drawings and manuals
Initial assessment of material needs
Attending site safety meetings to discuss schedules and methods of work
Use of specialist tools and powered equipment
Use of elevated platforms and mobile plant
Installation of cable runs, component parts and technical services
The isolation and restoration of power supplies
Repairs, maintenance and upgrades of existing systems
Commissioning services
Supervision of supporting labour and apprentices
Offering advice to customers on systems and services
Quality control to reach the expectation of the customer
The upkeep of a safe, orderly and hazard free workstations
Completion of tasks in agreed timeframes
Flexibility in working hours to satisfy peak demand


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