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Formulation scientist at Innocoll Technologies

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Rasil Al-Kassas's Researcher role at Queens University Belfast,School of Pharmacy (2003 - 2006)

Carried out an extensive and comprehensive research programme to developing novel and adequate techniques for micro and nanoencapsulation of unstable photosensitisers for photodynamic therapy.
Development of topical application formulations including gels, creams and films containing nanoparticles, microparticles and liposomes.
Conducted a research in vitro of the microparticles loaded photosensitisers.
Studied and assessed the stability of the developed formulations which include study the drug content, the morphology, investigation of the presence of degradation products.
Work with other specialists such as device design engineers forming an efficient and effective product design team.
Studied the impact of use of various permeability enhancers and test the penetration of the developed formulations through the skin.
Researched and evaluated the synthesis of different photosensitisers and test their efficiency.


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