Rasil Al-Kassas - industrial pharmacy

Formulation scientist at Innocoll Technologies

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Rasil Al-Kassas's Researcher role at ALTANA (2006 - 2008)

Project planning with an excellent record of performance.
Industrial and commercial production of pharmaceutical preparation.
Increase the stability of water soluble and poorly soluble drugs using spray drying technology.
Formulating several compounds under GMP and GLP conditions.
Chemical and physical characterization of the formed product.
Investigate the stability of microparticles and micro emulsion loaded water soluble and poorly soluble drugs.
A complete clinical study of the formed product.
Using novel methods to form and characterise different oral solid formulations.
Reporting and presenting test details and results.
Experienced in coating using Fluidized Bed Technology.
Application of micro particles and micro emulsion loaded water soluble and poorly soluble drugs to patents and studied the response.
Protecting novel technologies and formulations through patents.
Working as an HPLC expert, including analysis of several compounds and also demonstrating and troubleshooting.
Attending conferences and seminars, staying up to date with the most recent developments in my area.
Comply with the GMP standards and maintain the timelines.
Facilitate and support drug business development and registration.


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