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A diligent solution oriented and innovative thinking pharmaceutical professional experienced in clinical pharmacy, project research, development and efficient quality delivery of particulate systems. Specialised in formulating and introducing new pharmaceutical preparations for transdermal and oral solid application and in clinical trials.

Experienced in academic and industrial level in the UK, Norway, Ireland and Germany with an excellent track of performance. Self motivated and enjoying working both under own initiative and team work with good communication and presentation skills.

Rasil Al-Kassas's Professional Experience

2008 - Present

Innocoll Technologies - Formulation scientist

Research, development and manufacture of collagen based topical medical devices & pharmaceutical products that are fully biodegradable and designed for the localized, site-specific delivery of a wide variety of drugs and are specifically intended to minimize systemic exposure and associated side effects.
·Development and manufacture of topical collagen creams, gels, sprays, sponges and membranes.
·Support the identification and development of new opportunities leading to commercially viable proprietary formulation and process technologies.
·Working on the improvement and cost reduction of existing products and processes.
·Overcoming instability and degradation problems in formulations.
·Conduct experiments/studies/trials from the formulation/process development and scale-up stages through tech transfer and validation for novel pharmaceutical products such as coated adhesive applications.
·Perform within strict timelines to successfully meet internal and client program milestones.
Leading role in the R&D-related aspects of clinical manufacture to facilitate all study phases.
·Support the preparation of R&D-related documentation to support global registration filing.
·Preparation and/or review of documentation for processes, procedures and small-scale/large scale equipment including but not limited to master batch records, SOP’s, equipment qualification, process/equipment validation protocols, manufacturing process protocols, and sampling/test protocols.
·Support the generation of pharmaceutical development reports and related documentation.
·Liaising with customers.
·Maintain the safe working environment.
·Researching the latest relevant literature

2006 - 2008

ALTANA - Researcher

Project planning with an excellent record of performance.
Industrial and commercial production of pharmaceutical preparation.
Increase the stability of water soluble and poorly soluble drugs using spray drying technology.
Formulating several compounds under GMP and GLP conditions.
Chemical and physical characterization of the formed product.
Investigate the stability of microparticles and micro emulsion loaded water soluble and poorly soluble drugs.
A complete clinical study of the formed product.
Using novel methods to form and characterise different oral solid formulations.
Reporting and presenting test details and results.
Experienced in coating using Fluidized Bed Technology.
Application of micro particles and micro emulsion loaded water soluble and poorly soluble drugs to patents and studied the response.
Protecting novel technologies and formulations through patents.
Working as an HPLC expert, including analysis of several compounds and also demonstrating and troubleshooting.
Attending conferences and seminars, staying up to date with the most recent developments in my area.
Comply with the GMP standards and maintain the timelines.
Facilitate and support drug business development and registration.

Key Skills
Business Development GMP pharmaceutical Project Planning
2003 - 2006

Queens University Belfast,School of Pharmacy - Researcher

Carried out an extensive and comprehensive research programme to developing novel and adequate techniques for micro and nanoencapsulation of unstable photosensitisers for photodynamic therapy.
Development of topical application formulations including gels, creams and films containing nanoparticles, microparticles and liposomes.
Conducted a research in vitro of the microparticles loaded photosensitisers.
Studied and assessed the stability of the developed formulations which include study the drug content, the morphology, investigation of the presence of degradation products.
Work with other specialists such as device design engineers forming an efficient and effective product design team.
Studied the impact of use of various permeability enhancers and test the penetration of the developed formulations through the skin.
Researched and evaluated the synthesis of different photosensitisers and test their efficiency.

Key Skills
engineers Product Design

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PhD/Doctorate - Pharmacy

School of Pharmacy

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