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Ralph Pepe, owner of Concord Pike Liquors, Inc., since 1965, began to plan and supervise the creation of Talleyville Towne Shoppes in 1982. The shopping center, which sits on the northern border of Wilmington, Delaware, hosts a wide variety of commercial establishments. Concord Pike Liquors still operates at the site, and Ralph Pepe manages both the store and the development with his wife, Rose.

Doing business as Concordia Holding Corporation, Ralph Pepe oversaw the growth of Talleyville Towne Shoppes in the vicinity of his original liquor store. Current tenants of the shopping center include local offices of national chains such as State Farm Insurance. Clothing and accessory retailers such as H & K Tailoring and Erncol Jewelry Shoppe make their home in Talleyville. Visitors to Talleyville may patronize La Tolteca for takeout or dine-in Mexican food, or enjoy a short break at Lucky’s Cafe and Corner Bistro. Interested parties can call (302) 478-8539 or e-mail concordpikeliq@aol.com.

Ralph Pepe's Professional Experience

1982 - Present

Concordia Holding Corporation - Developer

Ralph Pepe developed Talleyville Towne Shoppes shopping center at Concord Pike and Silverside Rd in Wilmington Delaware in 1982

Ralph and his wife Rose still manage said shopping center today

Ralph Pepe moved and restored an historic building formerly known as the Brandywine Grange #13 in 1999, It is presently used as a rental unit

1977 - Present

Concord Pike Liquors, Inc. - President, Owner/Operator

Concord Pike Liquors maintains an impressive collection of fine wines, liquors, and beers including specialty and craft beers Ralph Pepe is a hands-on owner who expertly manages all aspects of the business He has built and has maintained over the years a successful relationship with his customers, employees, sales representatives and suppliers. Concord Pike Liquors is known for its friendly and accommodating service and knowledge of all products.

Ralph Pepe has built up a successful retail liquor business which centers around fair prices and customer satisfaction and is one of the most knowlegeable purveyors of fine wines spirits and beers in the Tri-State area

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Bachelor/Degree - Accounting

University of Delaware

Graduated Beta Gamma Sigma

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Charitable Affiliations: Frequently supports local and national charitable functions.