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9 years of diverse experience in 3D Modeling and Graphic designing different forms of media including designing concepts for Web pages, Educational CD’s, and Multi Media.
Excellent knowledge and experience of Maya 8.5, Z-brush 3.1, Photoshop CS2, Vue 6, 3D Studio Max 8 and Flash 8.
Experience in Modeling environment, props, designing thumbnails, logos, interfaces, cover pages, brochures, planners, calendars and book covers.

Rajesh S's Professional Experience

2010 - Present

orient Cityscape - 3d visualizer

Creating 3d environment, props modeling, texturing and walkthrough animations for Government Projects.

2007 - 2009

Trine animation studios - Sr. BGmodeller

Tools : Maya 8.5, Photoshop CS2, 3D Studio Max 8, Zbrush, Vue

Trine Animation Studios produces 3D games and movies. Title include Streets Of Mumbai (car racing), Krishna, Secret of seven sounds, The Bollywood Chat Show, The Hardy boys, Talk show to name a few.

Projects Worked On:
• Project Streets Of Mumbai (Game Cinematics), involved in modeling environments & props.
• Project Krishna, involved in modeling environments & props.
• Project Secret of seven sounds involved in modeling environments & props.
• Project The Bollywood Chat Show involved in modeling and texturing environments & props.
• Project The Hardy boys (games) involved in low poly modeling and texturing
environments & props.

Key Skills
animation Animation
2003 - 2007

India games ltd - Sr. graphic designer

Tools : Flash 8, Photoshop CS, 3D Studio Max, Coreldraw 10, Flashlite 2

India Games is the number one exporter of mobile games, which are downloadable on the mobile phones. They are also involved in developing 3D games and PC games. India Games is ranked in top 5 in producing mobile games. Titles include Predator, Spiderman, Hulk, Kama sutra to name a few.

• Involved in designing and animating Flash events like creating interface, tracing character animations etc.
• Involved in designing with Photoshop for designing cover page, collage, making textures for 3D models and image editing.
• Used 3D Studio Max for polygon modeling.
• Used Coreldraw for cover page design.
• Worked on Macromedia flashlite technology for mobile phones

Projects Worked On:
• Was part of 5 members team, worked on BBC’s educational CD named Muzzy. Was responsible for tracing character animation and creating backgrounds. Designed title screens.
• Was part of the team which designed Predator, Spiderman, KamaSutra, a downloadable game for mobile phones. Was responsible for creating backgrounds and title screens.

Key Skills
animation Animation

Rajesh S's Education and Qualifications


Bachelor/Degree - B.A., Polytical science

K. G. Joshi collage of arts

Bachelor/Degree - ,

saraswati secondary school

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Modeling ,digital skulpting, digital painting,playing games