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Puck Hienekamp's AdWords, Billing specialist role at Google (2011 - 2011)

During my time at Google I worked in the Benelux AdOps team as an AdWords specialist. After completing numerous training days I specialised in the billing side of AdWords. Part of my job included being in contact with customers regarding every aspect of the advertising product. I worked both in teams and on an individual basis, depending on the task which had to be fulfilled. Besides specialising in Billing, I also worked closely with companies who took part in the Google Grants programme. I helped these charities by setting up their advertising campaigns and optimising their accounts. By doing so, relationships had to be build and maintained. Lastly, I approved online advertisements. I had to know the policy related to the advertisement product inside out. As the policy changed frequently I had to be able to adapt to these changes very quickly.


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