Puck Hienekamp - Community Manager at Worky, Dublin

AdWords, Billing specialist at Google



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My name is Puck and I've been living in Dublin since august 2010. I came to Ireland after completing the academic part of my college course in Amsterdam. In the last year I've worked for Hostelworld.com and Google. At the moment I'm looking for a new challenge.

Puck Hienekamp's Professional Experience

2011 - 2011

Google - AdWords, Billing specialist

During my time at Google I worked in the Benelux AdOps team as an AdWords specialist. After completing numerous training days I specialised in the billing side of AdWords. Part of my job included being in contact with customers regarding every aspect of the advertising product. I worked both in teams and on an individual basis, depending on the task which had to be fulfilled. Besides specialising in Billing, I also worked closely with companies who took part in the Google Grants programme. I helped these charities by setting up their advertising campaigns and optimising their accounts. By doing so, relationships had to be build and maintained. Lastly, I approved online advertisements. I had to know the policy related to the advertisement product inside out. As the policy changed frequently I had to be able to adapt to these changes very quickly.

Key Skills
adwords specialist Billing billing specialist Customer Service Google Grants online ad-campaigns
2010 - 2011

Hostelworld.com - Customer Service

I worked at Hostelworld.com for 5 months. My main job was to help customers with problems, complaints and questions. I communicated with them and the hostels directly by telephone, email and live-chat. A lot of team work was involved as I worked in a big team, along with a considerable amount of work on my own.

Key Skills
Customer Service team work the internet
2010 - 2010

Worky - Community Manager, Dublin

I've successfully undertaken an Internship at Worky as a Community Manager. I worked closely with the marketing team and did this with a lot of enthusiasm. I helped new, old and potential members with their questions and problems. I maintained online groups and wrote online pieces. I communicated with individuals and companies by telephone, via social media and email.
Part of my job was to come up with new ideas to help the company grow and develop. This meant that I had to compare important websites and services. I worked a lot with Google Adwords and Google Analytics while writing data reports. I made these reports by using Excel.
Further, I took part in several campaigns to get the company's name out there (i.e. meetings with important parties and competitions).

Key Skills
Admin adwords Analytics Customer Service EXCEL Marketing Social Media
2009 - 2010

Coach International students

I volunteered as a coach for the International Student Network of Amsterdam in the Autumn of 2009 and Spring of 2010. During this period I helped international students assimilate and settle into Amsterdam and helped them deal with any cultural or practical problems that they may encounter. I also maintain contact with them throughout their study period for guidance and advice.