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CIC chairman Lou Jiwei: great potential for investment in Russia

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Russia is one of the BRIC countries, large market, abundant resources, has great development potential.air max shoes from china CIC is willing to invest in Russia, "recently came to visit Russia, China Investment Corporation (CIC), Lou Jiwei, chairman of the exclusive interview with Xinhua, said. Said Lou Jiwei, CIC concerned about two Russian investment channels, one under construction in the Russian direct investment funds, and the other is Russia is launching a new round of privatization.air jordan fusion shoes "Direct Investment Fund is first proposed the idea of ​​Russia, now in the preparatory phase, Russia hopes and interested parties to devise mechanisms for cooperation." January 2010, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev proposed the establishment of the forum in Davos the Russian direct investment fund initiative. The fund aims to improve cheap jordan shoes investment environment to attract foreign investors, and promote modernization of the Russian economy is essential to achieving the project's implementation. Russian Development bank and foreign economic activity led the formation of the fund, plans to fund size in 5 years to 100 billion U.S. dollars. "Russian direct investment fund is a new model, based on a more flexible way to attract foreign investment. Different countries and investors, including financial investors and strategic investors, with the Russian direct investment funds work together. By the Fund this We look for wholesale jordan shoes to provide opportunities for the investors to conduct an independent assessment, "Lou said," This is a good way, the Russian government by the Fund's investment, foreign investors to jointly invest the United Nations, have problems like everyone solution, there is greater flexibility. "


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