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Since the recent global economic crisis hit, people’s mindsets have entirely changed in relation to employmentWorking and cost of living. Several years ago, the United Kingdom was one of the most powerful economies in the world. Employment rates were high, which led to high levels of immigration, causing a magnificent combination of home grown talent merging with foreign cultures. Working in the UK was ideal. This created an abundance of opportunity for the land, with business’s constantly growing.

However, since the global recession in 2008, the government have been forced to clamp down on the number of expats entering the country, basing their entry on their educational qualifications and level of expertise in their industry of work. What was once an attractive land of opportunity suddenly turned into an extremely expensive nation with rising unemployment figures.

Although things aren’t as they used to be, the UK is today one of the leading countries for foreigners looking for work, due to its large diversity and variety of employment. Contacting and applying for work domestically online has been the most popular method of getting work for foreigners lately, and many candidates have been successful in doing so.


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am a university student now ..can i be able to go to the UK?

Tue Mar 5 14:14:02

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