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living in the ukThe land consists of a wide range of diverse cultures which has been a result of the large immigration numbers entering the country over the past decade. This has benefited the UK immensely, providing the four countries with new and exciting influences from all around the world. Foreign emigrants living in the UK will notice the diversity of the area straight away, in particular England and London, where trading stalls and markets are a common feature.

Living in the UK has many advantages including its convenient location, with only a short and relatively cheap flight away to any country in mainland Europe. The recession appears to have slowed down the pace of business in general, but by no means has it stopped! Many of the main cities have continued to grow which is why the UK is such a popular place for foreigner’s to live and work in today. Job opportunities are still present with many graduates finding it a great place to kickstart their carreer. 

Traditional English “pub grub” which can be found all across the world is the specialty in all the pubs in the UK. Dishes like fish and chips or sausage and mash are typical meals to be found throughout the nation.

The UK is a large area, comprising of four countries combined Therefore, the standard of living and cost of living will be different in each country. 





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Salman Khan

Salman Khan

any one till he how i will get visa to uk

Wed May 1 14:26:12

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