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Working Abroad Tips - Language skills

Working Abroad Tips - Languages

If you a plan on moving to a country where the primary language is different to your native tongue, it will be in your interest to brush up on that language before you go. Obviously learning a new language takes months or years to perfect, but making yourself aware of some basic everyday words and phrases will do you the world of good.

There are simple ways on how to familiarise yourself with new language basics including:

  • Listening to basic language CD’s or DVD’s daily
  • Taking beginner classes in local language schools
  • Watching foreign television channels
  • Reading foreign newspapers, articles and magazines
  • Interacting with foreign students at social events

These might seem like difficult tasks if you have never spoken the language before, however in most cases, fluent speakers will appreciate the effort and be more than happy to help you. You will be surprised how quick a language can be picked up once immersed in the deep-end, especially if you have no choice when it comes to working abroad.