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Working Abroad Tips - Getting a job

Worky Profile

Working Abroad Tips - Languages

Using your Worky profile in order to find employment will be very beneficial to those who are looking for work in a new country. Worky has designed the Worky profile in such a way that once you fill in your details (employment history, education, qualifications, etc), you can apply to any of our two million jobs worldwide, and with the simple click of a button you can attach your Worky profile which will be sent with your application.

The Worky profile acts like an online CV (Curriculum Vitae) for employers. When applying for jobs, repetition can become a frustrating aspect of the process. Constantly having to rewrite or reword your applications to cater for a specific organisation, attaching your CV every time, while filling in the same type of application questions over and over again can be testing. With a Worky profile, this problem is solved. Once your profile is created and your personal details are entered, you can simply send off your profile to the many job offers Worky has, along with a cover letter, if necessary, and that’s it! It couldn’t be made easier.

Creating a Profile

Creating a Worky profile is a simple process that takes a very short time to build and will last forever. The website gives you several opportunities to sign up by clicking any of the sign up or create profile buttons dispersed around the site. Once you have done this, there is a simple step-by-step guide where you fill in your details. These can include:

  • Personal info (name, nationality, current location, etc)
  • Education and Qualifications (School, College degrees, etc)
  • Professional experience (previous and current employment status, key words, job description, etc)
  • Skill map (skills used in each job, length of employment in each job)
  • Additional information (links, languages, interests, etc)
  • Blog
  • Certificates

Profile completion percentage

Once you have filled in your details, your profile is ready to go. However, you must be aware of the importance of your profile completion percentage. This refers to how far away you are from having a fully completed profile. Worky gives you a percentage bar, which is graphed clearly under your profile picture which explains what you can do to improve your profile. In relation to applying for work, there is little point in creating a Worky profile and not having any information in it. It’s like buying a car but not having any petrol in it. It will always be there, but you are limited in what you can do without adding key information. Simple steps are suggested to you in order to increase your profile percentage like:

  • Add another position
  • Add a profile picture
  • Add education info
  • Follow another company
  • Join another group
  • Add languages
  • Add your video
  • Add links
  • Add additional info

Key Skills

Working Abroad Tips - Find a Job

One very important aspect of your Worky profile is the key skills you enter when filling in your professional experience. Underneath every job you have had or choose to add to your profile, you will find a space to add key words in relation to that specific job. This is how Worky matches your profile with jobs suited to your experience. There is no limit in how many key skills you can add. The more you add the better chance Worky has of matching you with your ideal job.

Once your profile is complete or almost complete, you can apply to any job you can find in the Worky job search page. Worky has over 2million jobs located in 24 countries, and with our simple application process along with your impressive looking Worky profile, all you need to do is click attach Worky profile and your application is done!