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Working Abroad Tips - Different laws

Working Abroad Tips - Different Laws

Moving abroad to a country that has a completely different culture can be quite daunting to start out in. You don’t know the people, you don’t know the culture, and you might not even know the language, so it is very important to make yourself as aware as possible to the way of life in your chosen country.

Every country has its own set of unique and different laws which have been decided by the state. These laws are abided by every citizen in the country (well most citizens). Breaking a law in any country and thinking its ok because you didn’t know is no excuse, and will not be taken lightly by the state police force.

Reading up on laws for your chosen country is important because there are laws in some countries that are strictly abided by, and in others they are completely legal. For example, a man from Amsterdam moving to London cannot think it is ok to walk into a cafe and start smoking cannabis while casually reading the paper. That is considered highly illegal in most other countries.

There are other endless amounts of laws that are legal in some countries and illegal in others that need to be researched to avoid what might end up being an honest mistake. In Denmark it is legal to drink alcohol in public, whereas in most countries it is illegal.