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Jobs in Austria

Working in Austria can be difficult for many people if they don’t have the necessary language needed, which is usually German in this case. Not having the language will leave you at a major disadvantage as most Austrians prefer to speak German, as opposed to English which is not that widely spoken in many areas of Austria.

Austria has for years had a strict employment policy regarding foreign immigrants, in which native citizens would always get priority to any positions that were available. Due to their strict policies and high sense of pride, the country has a healthy employment rate. However, in 2011 the Austrian government have changed their employment laws regarding foreign labour and is now accepting far greater numbers of immigrants to work in a wide range of industries.

working in austriaThe tourism industry is a major part of Austria’s economy, with an abundance of winter ski resorts open in the busy winter season which is usually from November-April. This opens up many different job opportunities from chefs and waiting staff, to chalet hosts and bar staff.

The spring to autumn seasons also demands high employment in the agriculture industry including harvesters, grape harvesting in particular, which has become a popular position in the industry today.

The EURES (European Employment Services) network was set up to help people find out about job vacancies in Austria and any other information about Austria that people might be looking for. The website informs people about the general living and working conditions along with key employment figures, which may influence job seekers to move abroad or not. There is a large number of staff working throughout Europe to support and advise these job-hunters, and has proven to be successful so far.

Teaching English is another option of employment in Austria. Most private schools or teaching organisations will require you to obtain a TEFL certificate (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) or a TESOL certificate (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). 



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