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Living in Austria

living in austriaPeople looking to move abroad and live in Austria will naturally want to know the general cost of living amongst other important factors that must be taken into account before a move is made. The cost of living in Austria is pretty average in relation to the rest of Europe. Prices of groceries, clothes, drink etc are not as cheap like they would be in places like Czech Republic or Greece; however they are nowhere near as expensive as places like Denmark, Ireland or the UK.

Food and drink is available in all price categories. There are numerous inexpensive pubs serving good local and international dishes. Main meals cost on average between €5-7. Beverages cost between €1-3. Of course, you will also find upmarket restaurants in the higher price brackets (especially in the inner cities). Here you have to budget for between €11-18 for a main meal. A good bottle of wine costs upwards of €10. It goes without saying that food and drink is cheaper in supermarkets: a litre of wine costs as little as €2.50, a can of beer from €0.50, a loaf of bread approx. €1.50 and a frozen pizza an average of €2.50. Various cultural events, sports centres, shops and public transport options offer student discounts also.

Living in Austria has many advantages for expats looking to work abroad. In Austria the air is fresh and clean due to its location with the magnificent Alps surrounding the majority of the land, with picturesque lakes and rivers flowing throughout the nation, which are drinkable by the way! Austria has an extremely low crime rate making it a very safe place to live, especially for families with young children. In relation to the other EU members, Austria has one of the healthiest economies with a stable banking system. The high standard of living is a big attraction for many, with reasonable general costs for most people.

For those outdoor sport fanatics living in Austria, the country’s terrain allows you to participate in an unlimited amount of outdoor sports, including mountain biking, canoeing, skiing, snowboarding, hiking and much more. 



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