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Healthcare in Austria

Anyone moving to Austria who resides from a European Union country is automatically entitled to free healthcare. The system is very well run and fair for the citizens, most of who have to make contributions towards this social security system through their taxes, along with their employers. Both employee and employer pay equal amounts towards the fund. The healthcare system in Austria favours the less fortunate in many respects because high income earners have to pay more tax on the healthcare than people with low income figures.

Family members are covered through the insurance of the family member employed in that particular family. All children are covered by their parents until they are 28 years old, or if they finish their studies earlier they begin to pay healthcare taxes immediately.

The system itself can be categorised into three sections; health, accident and pension insurance. Anyone living in Austria can opt to pay for any of these options, or all of them if they like. If an expat is working in Austria, their employer must register them onto the Gebietskrankenkasse, which is their local insurance fund, within the first 7 days of their employment.

The e-card:

The E111 form is the official document needed by anyone visiting Austria or for foreigners moving to Austria to prove they are entitled to receive free healthcare. If the E111 form is no longer available in your home country, you will be issued with a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) which acts the same as the E111 form. This covers basic healthcare in public hospitals in Austria along with specialist consultations, medication and dental treatment. The newer electronic card (e-card) has revolutionized the healthcare system by storing all previous records onto one card, and also acts as an official identification card. Name, signature, social security number can all be found on this card. 



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