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Transport in Australia

TransportAustralia has large distances between many of its cities and towns. Within the major cities and towns, there is a need for transport in Australia to get from place to place. Australia has many different modes of public transport. Most Australians have some form of motor vehicle that they use on the many long roads Australia has to offer for easy transport. Hitchhiking is also a popular yet less favoured method of getting from A to B, which many people regard as dangerous for obvious reasons.  

Bus: Australia has many bus services which are deemed as one of the most popular modes of transport. Affordable prices for short distance journeys means the bus services tend to run on a regular basis. The long city to city journeys may be less comfortable than the rail services, however the bus fairs tend to be a lot cheaper. 

Rail services in Australia have proven to be the most convenient method of travelling long distances across the large open terrain. Comfort is a must when experiencing hours upon hours of endless travel, and the rail service wins hands down everytime. 

A smartcard exists in Australia whereby you can add credit to your smartcard, which is the same size as a regular credit card, and allows you to use it on all bus, rail and ferry journeys in the provided areas. This eliminates any worry of having the correct amount of cash for a journey, and prevents long queuing lines. 




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