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Emerging Trend In The World Of Web Designing - 2016

on 22 Mar 2016 6:08 | Viewed 472 times
Like fashion trends keep changing in New York, trends keep changing in the world of website designing. Web design industry is ever-changing as multiple trends keep coming and going. 2015 was an incredible year offering some amazing websites with new technological advancements. And, 2016 comes with decent expectations from the industry. It is inevitable to see some patterns fade away this year as new vibrant designs take their place. Let us take an insight into what we can expect from website designing trends in NY this year.
  • Photography
Human brain registers 90% of the information visually. It has also been observed that pictures can transmit information faster to the users as compared to text alone. In 2016, we can expect to see a rise in natural photography to which the users can associate on a more personal level.
  • Bold Colors
Colors influence a person’s perception to a great extent. Bold colors are straightforward, dominant and we can observe a growth in the use of bold colors in the new year.
  • Material Design
Website designing has seen a paradigm shift from flat design to robust material design in the last two years. Material design language was developed by Google and is being used extensively to create designs for websites. 2016 will see a boost in the use of material design language.
  • Micro Level Interactions
Imagine you are filling up a form on a boring website like a bank, airline or hospital and a smiley appears after you enter your name. Such micro level interactions can become a trend in 2016 and add to a better user experience.
  • Personal User Experience
We can expect well thought content, personalized alerts, suggestions and action steps in the coming months. In the era of storytelling, massive segments can be customized according to the individual and thus allow users to choose an adventure.
  • Card Design
This concept is entering the digital world at a rapid pace. Card based designs are functional and can display assortments being offered in a clean interface.
  • Videos
If pictures can communicate the message in a better manner, then videos are the best medium to share information with a user. Video involves all visceral and hearing abilities and allows user to dedicate 100% concentration.
  • Infographics
2016 will see the rise of big data and infographics. Gone are the days of boring graphs, they will be replaced with interactive and engaging infographics.
  • Animations
While generic animations are just pretty, 2016 will witness more thoughtful animations which have deeper thoughts and increased functionality behind them. Brace yourselves for a subtle and unexpected motion in UI design that will enhance the visitor’s experience to a new level. In a nutshell, web designing is on the path of evolution towards more dynamic, richer and personalized solutions. Smart solutions will simplify the way things function now and give more room to the user for discovering, interacting and connecting better.


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