vivienne O'Reilly - experienced hr administrator with people soft skills

HR Coordinator at Enterprise Rent A cAR



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vivienne O'Reilly's HR Coordinator role at Enterprise Rent A cAR (2008 - Present)

• Set up and maintain employee files and attendance records
• *Weekly timesheet tracking across Ireland
• Manage the quality and timeliness of employee reviews, send reminders and logs
To managers
• Maintain all personnel records on the HR system including new starters and leavers using people Soft
• Involved in posting jobs, interviewing and selecting employees for Ireland
• Monitor candidates in interview process through ICIMS

• Run annual driving licence records for employees
• Send out offer packs and conduct the new hire paper work.

• Attend work fairs across Ireland to Promote Enterprise for the graduate Management training program.

• Comply with monthly reports to be run


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