Thomas Lawrence

roadie / driver



Current location


Work category

Manufacturing and Operations



Looking to get back into the work force after taking a short break. I would like to think that I have a wide range of skills as listed in My Experience Section, to suit a variety of jobs.

Thomas Lawrence's Professional Experience

2007 - 2008
Key Skills
Driver/Roadie, Bands/Musicians Chaperone, Gig Co-ordinator, School Bus Driver.
2000 - 2006
Key Skills
Assisting the keepers with animal husbandry. Maintaining enclosures, gardens and grounds. Assistant to stores/maintenance and Sightseeing Train Driver.
1995 - 1999
Key Skills
Machinery Maintenance, Line Supervisor, Quality Control, Stock Control, Packer and Driving Minibus services for workers.
1987 - 1995
Key Skills
Maintenance of amusement arcades & machines, customer care, cashier, overseas deliveries / collections.
1985 - 1986
Key Skills
Garden Nursery

Thomas Lawrence's Education and Qualifications


Certificate - Management of Zoo Animals

Sparsholt, England


Diploma - Music Therapy

Distance Learning Accredition Council


second level/high school education -

Coleraine Boys Secondary School, Coleraine, Co. Derry

Diploma - Managing Organisational Change in the Workplace

Distance Learning Accredition Council