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Veterinary Specialists of Connecticut Offers In-House MRI

on 12 Nov 2013 23:23 | Viewed 187 times

As a board certified veterinary surgeon at Veterinary Specialists of Connecticut, Steven Leshem specializes in a variety of complex procedures, including arthroscopy, laparoscopy, and neurosurgery. In order to identify the best course of treatment, Steve Leshem, DVM, often relies on high-tech MRI imaging.Veterinary Specialists of Connecticut is the only veterinary practice in the state to offer full-time, in-house MRI services in partnership with Companion MRI of Central New England. Each scan is conducted by a trained professional with the aim of achieving high-resolution, top-quality images. A board-certified veterinary radiologist reviews all MRI scans and ensures that each patient receives a comprehensive examination.To achieve quality diagnostic images, animals must undergo anesthesia to keep them still during the procedure. All MRI patients are monitored closely by trained veterinary and imaging personnel throughout the procedures. In the case of rare complications, emergency staff and resources are immediately available.For more information about the benefits of MRI, visit Veterinary Specialists of Connecticut’s Facebook page:


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