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How to Handle HR Issues

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How to handle HR Issues?

The best way to handle HR issues is to treat them as Business issues. That’s what they are and it will help managers and HR practitioners to arrive at the best solutions. Employee Handbook In some organisations, employees may have a tendency to classify issues which are covered in the employee handbook as HR issues. They bring the issues to their manager and in many cases the manager may take the matter on to a HR representative. They may look in the handbook for a solution and this can be a good path to follow, but they can also try and identify what is the best long term solution for the business and that will invariably benefit all parties. The benefit in getting all involved to view it as a business issue or business opportunity is that all are focused on finding a solution, whereas viewing a matter as an HR issue can on occasions, polarise staff.

Good faith and natural justice It does help if all parties approach the matter in ‘good faith’ and park any vested interests. It is generally helpful and a pre-requisite for best practice, to utilise natural justice and give the employee and all parties the opportunity to respond to issues and to listen to their input. Personal versus Precedence It is a challenge to try and classify issues in general given that personal matters are just that and everyone may have a different view and need on a particular issue. Yet it can be easier to adjudicate on the collective and following precedence provides a solution to many ‘similar’ issues. But it ignores the need to treat staff as unique and their issues are personal and may be best treated as such. Precedence offers consistency but not always the best solution and while it can be more work, considering each case on its own merits can help create a high-performing environment and lead to greater staff engagement.

Business Issue The business environment is a complex one, but if you provide natural justice, adopt a good faith approach, operate within the parameters of your handbook and apply good business principles, you should arrive at good business decisions. That’s a long checklist but provides a compass to solutions in all cases if applied consistently. So, classify the issues as business issues and strive to follow a consistent model to finding solutions and you’ll find that your teams become cohesive, trusting, engaged and productive.

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