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How to Handle HR Issues

on 16 Oct 2012 16:04

How to handle HR Issues?

The best way to handle HR issues is to treat them as Business issues. That’s what they are and it will help managers and HR practitioners to arrive at the best solutions. Employee Handbook In some organisations, employees may have a tendency to classify issues which are covered in the employee handbook as HR issues. They bring the issues to their manager and in many cases the manager may take the matter on to a HR representative. They may look in the handboo ...more

10 Steps to succesful Recruitment and Selection

on 16 Oct 2012 16:03
10 Steps to successful Recruitment and Selection
  1. Develop a job description that describes the job and the type of person and skills required to fill it.
  2. Talk to the candidates you interview before and after interviews and you will probably learn more, and so will they, during these discussions. 
  3. Take time to tell the applicants about the job, the environment and your expectations and be open and frank. They tend to reciprocate.  
  4. Use a rating table t ...more

Increase Productivity through Staff Engagement

on 16 Oct 2012 16:01

Increase Productivity through Staff EngagementGetting competitive advantage is a requirement to make profit and stay in business. It is a challenge to attain such an advantage in a global marketplace that becomes more competitive and particularly so now that less developed countries are competing more for their share of markets. It is challenging for companies currently given that there are more players in most markets. Yet, there is also more opportunity and customers to satisfy. On ...more

30 Hints and Tips for better Performance Reviews

on 16 Oct 2012 15:58

Many Managers and staff don’t readily embrace formal performance review meetings. Some avoid them as much as they can and defer the meeting until as long as possible. Some would prefer not to do them. We think they should be embraced and undertaken as frequently as possible. Sports teams appraise their performance with their peers and their back up teams to assess how well they did and how they can do better. Businesses would benefit if they decided to assess their performance consistently ...more