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Dr. Reg Macdonald is a Senior Partner at MKW Capital, a U.S.-invested venture capital firm that establishes businesses in the ancillary sectors of Macau to support the growth and diversification of Macau and its international resorts. Based in Macau since 2005, Reg Macdonald led investments and management oversight for the company, including the establishment of destination marketing/hotel packaging firm, Chinese web portal, the Macau Yellow Pages, and others, as well as taking on the role of Acting CEO at Viva Macau Airlines in mid-2009.

Prior to MKW, Reg Macdonald was based in Beijing, China, where he taught graduate-level project finance courses in Mandarin Chinese in the Engineering Management program at Tsinghua University and advised venture companies in Beijing on mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions.

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Languages: Chinese, Japanese, French Sports: Basketball, Martial Arts, Skiing