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steelo's Photographer role at Flor Saluzzo photography (1995 - Present)

I was born in Argentina and, through my grandfather, I got the passion for photography. I studied Photography in the Media and did all sort of seminars, workshops and specializations in photojournalism and documentary photography. Luck, Karma, God or Destiny (whatever you believe in) made me move to California where I had the best experience I had so far, to work for the Ansel Adams Gallery at the same time as doing my own personal project on illegal immigrants working in the fields of Salinas.

Since I arrived in Dublin I have been very busy following my other life ambition creating a non-profit organization to help children in poverty in Argentina ( However, photography is an inseparable part of me and continues to be my passion. I have taken part in art exhibitions and worked on various photographic projects and fullfilled several photographic trips.


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