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20 years experience in developing quality IT solutions using various technologies including: .Net, C#, PHP, Java
Extensive experience with relational database, MS SQL, Oracle, MySql

Peter Kerr's Professional Experience

2012 - Present

miDough - Software Developer

Responsible for full development life cycle of new web application in ASP.Net, C# MVC4.

Key Skills
.NET ASP ASP.NET Entity Framework html5 JavaScript Knockout LINQ MVC SQL Server Web Application
2012 - Present

Xyea - Software Development Manager
I joined Xyea, a recent start-up of only two employees, in Jan 12, replacing their previous CTO. As well as being responsible for all aspects of product development, I assisted the CEO with the business plan, product direction, and sales process. The product is a C# ASP.Net web application on MS SQL database to manage audit, standards compliance, risk and incident-tracking.

Key Skills
2012 - 2012

Department of Justice - Contract Developer

Assisting in the development of a Financial Application in C# .Net 4.0 using WPF and the MVVM design pattern.

Key Skills
.NET C# MVVM Oracle wpf
2011 - 2011

Storm Technology Ltd - Contract Developer

During my 6 month contract with Storm, I helped to develop and support a Back-End Crediting system for their client Avaya. I quickly got to grips with a complex financial management system written in C# with an Oracle database. I contributed to the planning of new features, and developed of a suite of support tools to help reduce the overall time required by the technical support team.

Key Skills
2006 - 2011

BRS Systems - Software Development Manager

At BRS Systems, I saw the recent start-up grow from 3 to 15 employees. They have two main products:
• Golf Tee Booking System (
• Irish Genealogy Search System (

My role in such a small company covers many aspects to help make the business a success including:
• software development - requirements capture, customer liaison, specification, design, develop, test, upgrade
• system admin - backups, emails, security, upgrades and version control (svn)
• technical support - assisting 1st line support, dealing directly with customers, customisation, bug fixing
• system architect - researching and introducing new tools, frameworks, design methodologies
• business consultant - assisting in product design / direction, new products discussion, cost analysis
• full product manager – I had full responsibility for development, maintenance and support of – which has €1million turn over per year.

Key Skills
Ajax Database Design HTML HTTP JavaScript Linux MySQL PHP
2004 - 2006

Lagan Technologies - Technical Consultant

Development of specialise features for customers of Lagan's CRM product. Mostly working with UK Local Government, identified their specific requirements and tailoring the application with add-ons to accommodate their needs.
Application was in Java, using MVC design pattern with Oracle Database.

Key Skills
2003 - 2003

Self Employed - Business Start up

Investigating and developing a Web Content Manager for an online sales catalogue. This involved creating a business plan, performing market research, and trying to obtain funding from local enterprise boards. The technological was entirely based on the .Net framework, using VB.Net to create a windows administration tool to manage an Asp.Net web application, linked together with the use of web services.
I was unsuccessful in obtaining funding, but gained valuable business experience (in addition to the new technologies) in my attempt to get product to market.

Key Skills
.NET Administration ASP ASP.NET Business Plan Enterprise Ireland VB.NET Web Application Web Services Windows Administration
2003 - 2003

Boston Scientific - Contract Developer

Developing, and upgrading small VB6 database applications with SQL Server and Access.

Key Skills
2002 - 2002

Focus Computer Consultants - Contract Developer

Analysis, Design and Implementation of a VB SQL contact management database application for a client in Queenstown. Working on my own, I brought to Focus, several years of experience in gathering requirements, spec writing, database and application design, coding in VB 3-tier solutions and testing assuming the role of Project Manager, Developer, DBA and Tester. The application was successfully installed within 3 months. I also supported other HTML, ASP and Microsoft access applications.

Key Skills
Access ASP DBA HTML project manager SQL SQL Server vb6
2002 - 2002

Forté Solutions - Contract Developer

Implementation of data import and export routines in for a SQL7 airline scheduling database in a VB 3-tier environment using VB6, COM, ADO. Bug fixing of the 5 year project and support of multiple released versions using Visual Source Safe and DTS packages.

Key Skills
COM DTS N-Tier SQL SQL Server vb6 VSS
2001 - 2001

Infoscience - Software Development Manager

Hands on manager of a 10 man development and QA team in the production of Issue tracking CRM and sales system, with a 3-tier COM MTS design written with a business and windows front-end in VB6, a web front-end in ASP and HTML, and MS SQL7 database. I was responsible for the day-to-day management of the personnel, task planning, reviews and estimating costs for major phases of the project. Bringing my extensive experience of my previous jobs we delivered our first release of the software to a major client in Ireland while I was with Infoscience. I left in October 2001 to spend some time travelling

Key Skills
ASP COM HTML N-Tier Project Management software development manager SQL SQL Server Support team leader vb6
1998 - 2001

Performix Technologies - Software Developer

Joining as the second employee in a new start up, I helped with the initial R&D of the product, analysis and requirements, and the writing of functional specification. As the main developer, I produced the framework for the product and helped in the writing of various coding standards. Then moving into the role of Team Leader and Project Manager over the development team, I oversaw the initial design of new components and ensured that the various team members perform the full design, coding and testing of these components. This involved planning and estimating the time and resources for each new release of the product and ensuring that the set deadlines are reached. I was closely involved with both the Support and QA departments, dealing with any issues and including them in the on-going development plan.

The Call Centre Performance Management tool reads from an Oracle or SQL Server data warehouse, to present users a view of their performance data on a web browser. Configuration is performed through a separate Windows NT Application. The application includes a 3-tier COM architecture in VB6, MTS (to achieve performance and scalability), Web classes, HTML, and stored procedures for some performance critical processing.

Key Skills
COM HTML Oracle Project Leader SQL Server vb6
1998 - 1998

Ericsson - Contractor Developer

Design and implementation of printing functionality for a Visual C++ application working on NT server with a UNIX backend. I also converted their Oracle based system to an MS Access system for ease of use in Demos.

Key Skills
1997 - 1997

Westpac Banking Ltd - Contract Developer

Design of a prototype for a Windows GUI front-end to enhance one of their legacy mainframe applications. A VB5 prototype connected to the mainframe using Xtra. I was responsible for the complete analysis and design of the prototype and had to produce an estimate and road map for the completion of the full product.

Key Skills
Mainframe VB5
1996 - 1997

Cap Gemini - Contract Developer

Production of a Visual C++ (v4.0) MFC application for Windows 3.1, 95 and NT, from the initial design phase up to implementation, database design and testing / bug fixing. The Help Desk and contact management application used a MS Access or an Oracle database and ODBC, OLE Automation, DDE and Reflection.

Working with a small team, I developed my position as head programmer of the group and then became project leader after 6 months. I had to: meet with the customer / client and managers, estimate the cost of purposed enhancements, make critical design decisions, designing the software class hierarchy, developed base classes to help speed implementation and ease the integration process, prioritised and assign bugs / enhancements, ensure that project dead lines were met and mentor other team members. All development and testing had to conform to ISO9000 quality procedures.

Key Skills
automation Database Design MS ACCESS ODBC OLE Oracle Project Management team leader VC++
1993 - 1996

Kainos - Developer

Development of a Personnel Database Administration application for a blue chip customer. This client-server application runs in an OS/2 environment on PCs connected over a Novell NetWare LAN. The Glockenspiel GUI front end is implemented in C++ with a SYBASE SQL server for the database. The application is supplemented with code written in C, SQR and the OS/2 procedural language REXX. I gained extensive experience in all implementation languages used and learnt how to work hard for my own individual tasks and as a well-established member in a team of 10 - 15 colleagues.

Key Skills
1991 - 1992

Siemens - Student

Production of an automated testing suite under UNIX and C. I had to perform UNIX System Administration duties, of which included installing UNIX on Siemens MX300 machines and configuring it for multiple users.
I also developed an administration tool in C++

Key Skills
Administration C++ Unix

Peter Kerr's Education and Qualifications


Bachelor/Degree - Information Technology

Queens Belfast

First Class Honours

Peter Kerr's Additional Information


snowboarding, kitesurfing