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Niall McGovern - Solution Manager at Microsoft

Business software professional with 15+ years' experience in ERP software design… more
Location Ireland

Bryan Mason - Retail Manager

My name is Bryan Mason, I'm a 34 year old New Zealand born Irish/Australian. I h… more
Location Ireland

Andy Dittrich - Retail Professional

over 20 years in retail management more
Location Ireland

Rajesh Singh - CEO & Co-Founder La'Ven Fashions P. Ltd.

LaVen: the shortened form from the Spanish ‘a la ventura’ a’ la ventura means: “… more

Bianca Hopper - Experienced worker in Corporate, Hospitality and Retail

- Experience in IFM, Netsuite and work - Excellent Customer Service Skills - Tea… more
Location Canada

Scott Bird - Customer Marketing Manager, Diageo

Results driven, strategy focused and internationally experienced senior merchand… more

Orla McGovern - Media, Retail, Barista

Media: 4 years Presentation Scheduling- Management and Recruitment Harris Vis… more

Mary Josephine McLoughlin - Manager with experienfce in the Manufacturing, Retail,Finance and Telemarketing environment.

Working for the past 30yrs and have gained valuable experience in a number of ar… more

Abdullah Zorkirişci - Accounting Specialist, Marketing Admirer

*Creative *Imaginative *A great Team Player and Potential Leader *Result-Oriente… more
Location Turkey